Enjoy Nordic food in Denmark

Denmark is famous for its Nordic food and gastronomy. Nordic food will bring you closer to Denmark's nature and culture and provide you with an unforgettable culinary experience.

For visitors exploring Denmark, Nordic food offers a unique culinary experience that reflects the country's rich natural landscapes and culture.

Nordic cuisine is known for combining traditional cooking methods with innovative flavour combinations, so you can expect both classic dishes and inventive variations that will surprise your taste buds.

In Nordic cuisine, emphasis is placed on using local ingredients and seasonal produce, allowing you to taste the best of what each corner of the country offers throughout the year.

Enjoy the Nordic food

Nordic food is an everyday cuisine that can inspire people in the northern hemisphere to eat both locally and seasonally.

Copenhagen and Denmark have become a global food Mecca and the pioneer of New Nordic Cuisine. The World`s Best Restaurant Magazine has awarded the Noma restaurant in Copenhagen several times as the best restaurant in the world.

Still, many other Danish restaurants have a good reputation, such as Gastromè restaurant in Aarhus.  

The best oyster in the world

In Jutland, Denmark, you can find some of the best Oysters, which have always been considered a great delicacy. The Limfjord in North Jutland is home to the largest remaining wild oyster bed of the original European oyster, and many say that you haven’t tried oysters until you have tasted those in Denmark. 

The colder the water, the slower the growth of the oyster, the more concentrated the flavour of the meat. 

Oysters are also found in the Wadden Sea region in South West Denmark, and it's possible to join an Oyster Safari there.

Traditional Danish food

Many perhaps know the Danish Pastry, also called 'Wienerbrød' (Viennese bread). You can get it in any bakery in Denmark. It has been known since 1840 when immigrant bakers from Vienna created it.

Another traditional Danish dish is open-face sandwiches and rye bread (rugbrød). This brown rye bread can be found in all supermarkets and bakeries, and the bread is special because it`s low fat and contains and is rich in whole grain and fibre. For Danes, this is a healthier alternative to white bread.

Many think the Danish language is difficult to pronounce, and you can test yourselves by saying this: 'rødgrød med fløde' - this is often used as a test for all non-Danes. It`s a traditional fruit dish made of raspberries and blackcurrants, which are boiled until soft and then served with cream or milk.

If you stay at a cosy Danish Inn, you can have both traditional food and gourmet experiences.