Bork Vikingehavn

Bork Vikingehavn

How did the Vikings live? And how did they travel around? Take a journey 1000 years back in time!

Outside you can often see talented Vikings, working on the Viking houses, and you can even try their hand at training gear in the Viking playground. In Vikinghallen children can dress up as Vikings.

Every day is a narrative desire Vikings ready to take you on the free public tour which provides a fascinating insight into the Viking and Bork Viking Havn history. Bring the family and let us give you a 1000-year-old experience I will not soon forget.


Vikingevej 7, Sdr. Bork
6893 Hemmet
West Jutland
+45 7528 0597

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  • Lattitude: 55.837131
  • Longitude: 8.265999