Ribe VikingeCenter

In Ribe you can travel back 1000 years in time to when the Vikings ruled Ribe, called Ripa.

Walk through a reconstruction of the earliest Ripa and meet the people living there and come face to face with the old Danes. Ripa has been reconstructed and it`s here possible to explore the town and environments from the Viking age and you can be a part of it.

Meet the blacksmith, the völva, the warrior, the thrall, the farmer and his animals on his farm. When you walk through the grounds of this historical site, you will get insights on the life of the Vikings, including how they harvested, chopped, cooked, and played.

Have fun  and join different activities 

In the VikingeCenter they have many events every special in the summer months where you can watch dramas, bake flatbread, learn to fight like a Viking, learn Viking games and a lot more.



Lustrupvej 4
6760 Ribe
Ribe, South Jutland
+45 75 41 16 11
Ribe VikingeCenter

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  • Lattitude: 55.310688
  • Longitude: 8.768137


Type of Event
  • Viking Event