Frederiksberg Palace

Frederiksberg Palace

Nicolai Perjesi/

Nicolai Perjesi/

Frederiksberg Palace

Frederiksberg Palace lies on top of Valby Hill overlooking the beautiful Frederiksberg Garden in the Copenhagen district of Frederiksberg.

The palace history

The palace dates back to the early 1700's inspired by the Italian style at the time. King Frederik 4 used Frederiksberg Palace as a summer palace, while King Christian 6 lived permanently at the castle, while Christiansborg Palace completed.

The insane King Christian 7 was born at Christiansborg Palace 29 January 1749 and lived in the first half of his life at Christiansborg with his young wife, Queen Caroline Mathilde.

Their marriage, however, did not stop him from throwing wild parties at Frederiksberg Palace. The couple and their physician Johan Friedrich Struensee, who was also the queen's secret lover, later moved in at Frederiksberg Palace.

King Frederik 6 loved the palace

In 1768 Queen Caroline Mathilde gave birth to the king's son, the future King Frederik 6. Allegedly he loved Frederiksberg Palace and Frederiksberg Garden, where he sailed as an adult with his family on the canals.

It has been reported that his ghost sometimes appears at the palace in the shape of a small white dog.

In 1770-1772 Frederiksberg Palace was restored in a Neoclassical style. Following Johan Friedrich Struensee's advice, a marble bathroom was built in the palace's basement.

In the middle of the bathroom is a large marble bathtub, which was the first in Copenhagen with running hot water. Struensee believed that the thermal baths would have a healing effect on the schizophrenic King Christian 7's health.

The King never used the bathroom, though, as he was afraid to go down the narrow stairs to the basement bathroom. Instead, it became Queen Caroline Mathilde's bathroom, and here she and Struensee reportedly shared their forbidden love.

Struensee was arrested at Christiansborg 17 January 1772 because of his affair with the queen. Dowager Queen Juliane Marie, King Christian 7's stepmother, was behind the arrest and stayed at Frederiksberg Palace during Struensee's execution 28 April 1772.

The royal family left Frederiksberg Palace in 1852. In 1869 the Royal Danish Army Officers Academy moved in here.

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Roskildevej 28
2000 Frederiksberg
Copenhagen, Capital Region
+45 3613 2611

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