Frederiksborg Palace is also called 'Versailles of the north' Frederiksborg Palace  is surrounded by a beautiful garden

Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Castle is one of Denmark's royal highlights and is located in a unique setting with a beautiful palace garden.

Frederiksborg Castle is a top royal attraction in and in the palace, you here you also find The National Museum of History.

You will find the palace north of Copenhagen in the city Hillerød. The palace, which the beautiful Frederiksborg Palace Garden surrounds, was built in the Dutch Renaissance style at the beginning of the 1600 century by King Christian IV.

The Museum of National History

At Frederiksborg Palace, you can visit the Museum of National History, which exhibits the history of Denmark and houses a considerable collection of portraits, historical paintings, and modern art. The Castle Chapel survived when the rest of the palace burnt down in 1859, and today it stands as in Christian IV's time.

Visit the Frederiksborg Castle Garden

The amazing Castle Garden was laid out as a romantic landscaped garden. Here you have to see the baroque-style garden recreated in 1996 according to the original drawings by J.C. Krieger from 1725.

You will find King Frederik 2's small Bath House Palace (Badstueslot) in the garden, which the Royal Family occasionally uses for hunt lunches. Especially worth noting are the royal monograms executed in boxwood, the historical flowers, and the festive cascades-


Frederiksborg Palace
Møntportvejen 10
3400 Hillerød
Hillerød, North Sealand
+45 4826 0439

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