Norwegian Fjord Guide

You will not find a more popular region in the Nordic countries to visit than the Norwegian Fjord region in Norway.

From the heights of mountains to the depths of majestic fjords, studded with deep valleys, characterised by rolling fells and rugged mountain plateaus, the fjord country is a land of farmlands, blossoming orchards, small villages, cascading waterfalls, and the most complex geography in the Nordic countries. The Norwegian fjords have become one of the world's best travel destinations if you wish to explore fantastic nature in the last few years.


Formed over 3 million years

The magnificent fjords have been formed through the last 3 million years, and today you will find well-developed scenic routes for self-drive, hiking and biking to discover this adventure area.


Duration of a visit

It is possible to visit the Norwegian fjords on a one-day visit by specially designed tour offers from Oslo or by flying to cities such as Bergen. Still, we recommend a stay for three days up to a week, especially during the summer, if you get the chance to come here.


Cities & fjords

Bergen is known as the getaway to the Norwegian fjords. From here, you will find a wide selection of boat tours to the fjords, but Bergen also has a lot to offer itself. Another very recommended city is Ålesund, the Art Nouveau Town. The city has an incredible history, as you can see in the Art Nouveau architecture you can enjoy here. 

Norwegian fjords are narrow arms of the sea, snaking their way inland. It isn't easy to pick one fjord, and this is the obvious choice to visit because they all have different beautiful scenery. 

The Geirangerfjord and the Nærøyfjord are among the longest and deepest in the world and became the Unesco Natural Heritage list member in 2005. 



Start in Bergen

As mentioned, Bergen is the best departure point for trips to the fjords. To the south lies the famous Hardangerfjord, and to the north the Sognefjord, cutting 178km (110 miles) inland, including cosy towns like Flåm and Bale Strand. Flåm is known worldwide for the railway tour, which starts here.

Way to experience the fjords

Do you have the time, it is very recommendable to go on a self-drive tour to discover the cosy local population, traditions, food and beautiful views. Norway is famous for developing uniquely designed national routes like Geiranger-Trollstigen or the Hardanger route.