Opening hours in Norway

In Norway, pretty much everything is closed on Sundays except for restaurants and bars.


In most shops in Norway, the opening hours are in general weekdays 10-17 and Saturday 09-15. Some stay open to 7pm on Thursdays

Many shops are closed on Sundays.



Most stay open until 8pm, some until 11pm from Monday to Friday. Saturday to 10 pm.


Shopping centres

Shopping centres have extended opening hours Monday to Friday from 10am- 9pm and Saturday 10am -6pm.



Monday to Friday from 9am - 5 pm.


Noon to 3pm, and 6pm to 11pm. Some restaurants have open all day and don't close between lunch and dinner.

Restaurants Noon to 3pm and 6pm to 11pm; some don't close between lunch and dinner



Banks have open Monday to Friday from  8.30am to 3pm. Many banks have open on Thursdays to 5pm


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