Getting to Lyngenfjord

Here some tips how to travel to the beautiful Lyngenfjord region.

By air

Whatever you choose to explore Lyngenfjord by yourself or a tour, Lyngenfjord is never far away. Tromsø international Airport is nearby and from here you will find excellent domestic and international flight connections.

Lyngen Fjord and Lyngen Alps is only 1-3 hours drive from Tromsø Airport and there are also small airports in the area like Bardufoss Airport and Sørkjosen Airport. Tromsø has daily flights to Sørkjosen Airport.

By bus

All year around you will find a lot of buses running from Tromsø to places such as Lynn, Hibten, Alddalen, Shervo, Severus and Storthlet. The special express boat to Nord-Lenangen is also recommendable, but the easiest individual solution is still to rent a car in Tromsø.

Because there are not many local bus connections, you have to plan.