Hunting for the Northern Lights in Lyngenfjord

Northern Lights in Lyngenfjord

Every year from October to March visitors from all over the world heading for Lyngenfjord to experience the unforgettable nature light show.

One of Norway's most beautiful fjords is a journey behind the raw wilderness and the impressive Lyngen Alps.

The village of Skibotn and the Skibotn Valley is one of the driest places in Norway because they are covered by the high peaks of the Lyngen Alps towards the West and the wet weather coming from the sea.

The East side of the Lyngen Alps is very dry. These conditions have created the best places to discover the Northern Lights.

By clear night skies, the colour play of the Northern Lights is dancing above the mountaintops. The harmony between the silhouette of the mountains against the starry sky, the moon and the Northern Lights makes this place irresistible for nature lovers and photo fans.


The Lyngenfjord Peaks

The Lyngen Alps are a mountain range of alpine peaks up to 1830 metres. The peaks are surrounded by glaciers, deep valleys and huge stone screens that stretch from deep inland across the Lyngen peninsula all the way out to Lyngstuva.

This landscape now has the status of a protected area. If you want to get close to the peaks, it's along the western side of the fjord, while the east side gives you the whole huge panorama.


Spåkenes -  a great viewpoint to watch the Northern Lights

From Spåkenes, you get a fantastic history experience and nature experience in one. You get here both an incredible view of the fjord and a coastal fort from World War II. During World War II, the coastal fort on the Spåkenes was brought by the Germans. Even today, there are ruins of several bunkers and gun positions here you can discover.

Spåkenes is located on the border between the municipalities of Nordreisa and Kåfjord, and this area by the fjord is a perfect spot to enjoy the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun if you visit the Lyngen Alps in the Summer months. 

Find a useful hiking guide for the Spåkenes area here.


Chase the Northern Lights

You will find a lot of local tour operators offering the perfect combination of chasing for the Northern Lights together with activities like cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledging, reindeer rides.

You also have the option to rent one of the many cosy cottages here, where you can sit together with your loved ones every night under the colour play of the Northern Lights.

There are no guarantees about discovering the Northern Lights. However, with good planning and familiarizing yourself with factors that help determine when and where the Northern Lights will be dancing in the sky, there is a high chance that your hunt for the Northern Lights will be successful.


Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 69.575480
  • Longitude: 20.218840