Most popular things to do in Stockholm

Stockholm, located between the Baltic Sea and Lake Malaren, is so nice to visit for a romantic city break.

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is built on picturesque islands and you can have the same romantic experience even if you travel with your partner or by yourselves.

Here are the top places we recommend: 


1. Gamla Stan - Stockholm´s old town

Gamla Stan is Stockholm´s old town and a beautiful old town in the centre of Stockholm. If you want to get a view of Stockholm then visit the bell tower by the City Hall where you can get a panoramic view.


2. Djurgården in Stockholm

Stockholm is a very green city with a lot of water and a green environment. The island Djurgården has a 10 km trail going around the island, and here you find museums like the Vasa museum.

If you’re looking for a leisurely activity, you could simply find a scenic spot that’s perfect for a picnic here - you can easily find a spot here where you can be alone.