Taverna Brillo

Taverna Brillo is a vibrant venue from early morning to late evening. Visit Taverna Brillo for a proper breakfast or lunch, have a festive meal, a night out or buy food and delicacies to enjoy at home.

The menu is inspired by the Italian food we love.

The interior design is by Swedish interior designer Jonas Bohlin. As in all his work there are well thought-out details.

The name. A tavern (TAVERNA) is open for guests to order food and drinks. Italian taverns differ from bars where they usually stay open also during the day and serves full meals. The word comes from ancient Rome "tabernae", a grocery store that offer the possibility to consume food, drinks and sometimes even lodging.

BRILLO has multiple meanings, tipsy and sunbeam. And the Brillobox by Andy Warhol is the object of one of the world's most debated art histories. We chose the name Taverna Brillo mainly because the sun shines into the room through a light dome, crossing the dining room and cocktail bar to finally land in our kitchen and bakery.

That Brillo means tipsy in Italian might be because a person shines a little bit extra in that state. A state of mind we wish for all our guests, a bit tipsy. But not just by alcohol but by food, art and life.


Sturegatan 6
11435 Stockholm
Stockholm, Capital Region
+46 8 51977800

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Food and drinks
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • International cuisine
  • Medium range