The Sami Museum

The Sami Museum

Jessica Lindgren/

Jessica Lindgren/

The Sami Museum

Visit the interesting Sami Museum and get insight the life about one of the world’s indigenous people.

The Sami Museum is a traditional and contemporary museum. The museum by local expression called Ájttes geographic area of operation covers the entire mountain region and the traditional Saami settlement area from the border to the west and down into the forestland,

1000 km from south to north. Ájtte tells of a man in his environment of nature and culture in an ecologically holistic perspective.

The museum has three tasks they work with.  The first is the mountain region`s natural and cultural, the second is the Sami culture, and the last one is scale information for the tourist.

The museum is probably the most visited Sámi owned cultural institution and therefore important as a representative of the Sami culture.

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Getting here

Jokkmokk’s relative isolation means that it can take a time to get to, but there are reliable connections by train and bus. Every summer the famous train ride "Inlandsbanan" stops in Jokkmokk, and more and more tourists use this solution to visit this historical city up north. See link to Inlandsbanan

Opening hours 2021:

14 juni-16 aug
All days 10-17

17 aug-9 sep
Tue-Fri 10-16
Sat -Sun 12-16

10 sep-31 dec
Tue-Fri 10-16
Sat 12-16

Closed 5-6 nov, 24-26 dec, 31 dec.


Kyrkogatan 4
962 31 Jokkmokk
Northern Sweden
+46 971 170 17

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  • Lattitude: 66.604170
  • Longitude: 19.842527