Marimekko Factory Outlet Rovaniemi

Established in 1951, the Marimekko chain has cut a niche for itself as one of the finest textile and clothing design companies in Finland and in Europe as a whole.

Its products are renowned for their vibrant colours as well as their unique patterns that give them the Midas touch. With seven outlets, all located in Finland, Marimekko is dedicated to ensuring that its distribution chain is of top-notch quality.

In all of these stores, you are assured of the highest quality products and at the most competitive and most affordable prices.

The products range from the famed Marimekko converse shoes to their colorful men and women wear. To top it all, the ladies have a wide assortment of bags and other accessories to choose from, all at discounted prices.




Joulumaantie 12 Napapiiri
96930 Rovaniemi
Rovaniemi, Lapland
+358 (016) 356 1186

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  • Lattitude: 66.543000
  • Longitude: 25.846907