The Rapa Valley a 35 kilometres long in Swedish Lapland and the largest in the Sarek National Park In Jokkmokk you can get a great experience about the culture of Sammies Every Winter use can visit the Jokkmokk Winter Market - one of the oldest annual markets in the world


Jokkmook is placed just north of the Arctic Circle and between the Finnish and Norwegian borders and just north of the Arctic Circle

Jokkmokk is a locality and the seat of Jokkmokk Municipality in Norrbotten County, province of Lapland in Sweden. The Sámi name of the place means "River's Curve", due to the meandering river that runs through it. It is just north of the Arctic Circle.

The indigenous Sami people

The famous indigenous Sami people live in four countries - Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The total population of Sammies in these four countries is estimated at approx. 80,000,

Jokkmokk was a transit centre for Sami refugees from Norway during World War II, in addition to the centre in Kjesäter. In Jokkmokk you can get an exclusive experience about the culture of Sammies closely and you can visit the Sami Museum where you can get to know the story of the region’s indigenous people and the forbidding landscape that they’ve inhabited for millennia.

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The Jokkmokk Market

Jokkmokk Market has a long history and has a more than 400-year unbroken tradition. On the first Thursday in February every year, thousands and thousands of people gather in Jokkmokk for concerts, exhibitions, and trade. Jokkmokk Market is still one of the most important social events for the Sámi people in Sápmi. Temperatures during the festival can drop as low as -40°.


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  • Lattitude: 66.606961
  • Longitude: 19.822921