Aurora Sky Station

Visit one of the best places in the world to experience the Northern Light in the Abisko National Park in Sweden.

The Aurora Sky Station is one of the adventure highlights for tourists visiting Swedish Lapland during the Northern Lights season. The Aurora Station is an observation point located in Abisko National Park in Swedish Lapland, near the border with Norway. The location is popular among tourists and researchers due to its high latitude and minimal light pollution.


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The Sky Station lies right at the centre of what is known as the "Aurora Oval", and it is situated on Mountain Nuolja, 900 meters above sea level, in an area with very few distracting sources of light or sound. You can get there by cableway and learn more about this natural phenomenon from the guides there.

Aurora Sky Station offers guided tours and programs where visitors can learn about the Northern Lights phenomenon, as well as enjoy the breathtaking views of the night sky. The station has various facilities to enhance the experience, such as a visitor centre, a warm lounge, and outdoor viewing platforms.

Visitors can access the station by taking a chairlift from the Abisko Mountain Station, which provides a scenic journey up the slopes to the observation point.



Getting here

You will find flight connections from Stockholm to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland daily. Every year, when it is Northern Light's season, tour operators create the most amazing Northern Light Tours for tourists from here.  

Lonely Planet 2015 made a top 10 list of the best places in the world to experience the natural phenomena of the Northern Lights. At the top of that list, you find Abisko National Park and the Aurora Sky Station near Kiruna in Swedish Lapland.



Aurora Sky Station
Abisko Tourist Station
981 07 Abisko
Northern Sweden

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  • Lattitude: 68.318766
  • Longitude: 18.685017

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