What to Pack - Finland

In summer, pack a t-shirts and shorts, but take also along a pair of jeans and a shirt with long sleeves.

Casual wear is virtually the same as in other parts of northern and central Europe - light pants, shorts, t-shirts - but evenings can be cool, so it's a good idea to have a sweater and / or jacket hand.

In the summer it can be +30 C and clear blue skies, but it can also be +15 C and rain.


Visiting in winter 

Here we recommend to bring warm clothes and a good, warm coat because the temperature can be +5 C and raining, but it can also be -30 C.

It is always a good idea to be prepared, and it must be related to the chilly Finnish winter. Warm, waterproof boots are an advantage while fur or other thick liners are a good idea when temperatures fall below minus ten Celsius.

Thick well-padded jackets are important and indispensable in the Finnish Lapland. If you would like to try Finnish winter sports it is a good idea to buy specialist clothing and footwear.