It is easy to go to Sweden by train from all over Europe

It is easy to go to Sweden by train from all over Europe

Trains to Sweden

The Swedish railway system is efficient and modern and covers most of the country.

From Stockholm Central Station trains arrive and depart to and from all over Sweden and Europe.

Sweden is connected to Denmark via the Øresund bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen.

From Denmark, there are several direct trains up to Stockholm from Copenhagen. In addition to the direct trains the Øresund trains connect Copenhagen with trains terminating in Malmö every 20 minutes, taking 35 minutes to cover the distance.

Greater cities like the capital Stockholm, you will find both trains and metro train services.


InterRail and Eurail pass to Denmark

Non-European travellers can use the Eurail Sweden Pass in Sweden for cheaper train travel in and around Sweden. For European citizen the InterRail Sweden Pass you can use instead, for cheap rail travel around Sweden, or the InterRail Pass around Europe.

The InterRail Sweden Pass can be used for European citizens.