Sauna & Wellness Adventures in Finland

In Finland you will find the Sauna forms a great part of our country’s heritage and culture. It is estimated that there are over two million saunas in Finland. For a population of 5.3 million, this equals to an average of one per household – there’s even one inside parliament.

For the Finns there are many traditions and practices concerning the sauna experience. The most important one for them is to relax, purifying both body and mind.

In fact, the word “sauna” is Finnish?  Whether it is an electric sauna in a modern business environment or an old-fashioned wood-burning sauna by a lakeside cottage, a sauna is always near you.

Sauna & Spa hotels have been steadily growing in popularity in Finland, and many use native treatments and pay particular attention to the role of nature in wellbeing. Treatments usually available include of course saunas, peat wrapping, cleansing rituals, and even dry cupping. Other more exotic Finnish treatments include reindeer milk facials in Lapland, Nordic Body Scrub with Nordic Sea salt, rolling pin massage or arctic cloudberry peeling.

Recommended Sauna & Wellness

Kotiharju Sauna, built in 1928, has maintained its original architecture throughout the decades. Customers range from the neighborhood regulars to bachelor parties and students and teachers from the nearby university premises. Only wood-burning saunas let you enjoy the mellow heat of the traditional sauna experience.

At the top of Ylläs, 718 meters above the sea, opens enormous scenery of fells in the Lapland. This view you can also get in the sauna gondola, the only one in the world.
Ylläs is the ski resort, which has this great sauna built in the gondola cabin. Sauna gondola is built in a normal 8 pers. cabin and it is made according to the Finnish sauna culture..
There can be 4 people at the time in this Sauna gondola. Sauna takes a roundtrip from top of Ylläs, down to the Gondola station and then up again. This trip takes 20min. If you rent the Sauna gondola, you have three rounds with gondola. That is why it’s 12 people max. with your group.
This breath taking experience with scenery of fells and trees of Lapland is something to remember. You can look out from the windows and see how the scenery changes when the Sauna gondola goes down from the top of Ylläs and comes back in 20 minutes.
At the top of Ylläs there is also the highest sauna apartment of Finland. There is room with fire place, showers, sauna and Jacuzzi outside. Rest of the group can enjoy the feeling of fire or warm water in the cold winter evening.  If you want, you can rent this top sauna, without the Sauna gondola. The price is 500€ for 12 people. If you take the Sauna gondola, it is 1000€ extra.

Holiday Club Saariselkä is the northernmost spa hotel and holiday home resort in Europe, if not the world. It is located in the municipality of Inari by Urho Kekkonen National Park, surrounded by the majestic fells of northern Lapland. The magnificent natural environment is sure to provide all visitors with unforgettable experiences and activities through the year. Constructed in the form of a holiday village, Holiday Club Saariselkä is a resort for the whole family. Whether you come by plane, train or bus or with your own car, you will need nothing more than a pair of skis or a toboggan once you arrive. That is how close together the holiday flats, spa services and all the makings of a fun-filled vacation really are. Pamper yourself with spa treatments, have fun on skis, exercise, hold a meeting - you can do it all at Holiday Club Saariselkä.
On the pristine snows of the national park you can take in the awe-inspiring vistas of the surrounding nature! And the slopes and lifts are open through the winter! More detailed information on ski trails and slopes can be found at saariselkä.fi.