Nordic 'Hygge' & Lifestyle

Get insight into the special Nordic lifestyle. The countries are renowned for the high standard of living, good education, female empowerment and progressiveness.

The Nordic countries are often at the top of international surveys when it comes to creativity and innovation power, and this also has its roots in the Nordic model which combine a high standard of living with equality and a big public sector. 

The happiest people in the world

At the "World Happiness Report 2020" you find four Nordic countries on the top 5 list and Finland and Denmark in the 'top 3.'

The Nordics are also known for easy-going temperament and mind and are an open-minded, friendly people. 

In the Nordic region, they are very committed to protecting the nature, and the countries have so many beautiful natural attractions to offer that tourists are coming from all over the world to enjoy the fresh air, mountains, fjords, lakes and more. You can enjoy nature as much as you will, but remember to leave it in the same condition as when you arrived.

Nordic capitals are green capitals

Today the Nordic capitals are some of the most eco-friendly cities in the world. The transport systems, public biking lines, and many hotels have made green solutions to have a better environment in the future. 

Time with the family is important

The people in the Nordic countries live close to nature, and this lifestyle offers ample opportunities to lead a life that puts family and quality time outside of work on par with the career.

Focus on a healthy lifestyle

Of course, differences between Nordic countries shows out, but in general, the people focusing more and more on a healthy lifestyle including sport, eating eco-food and explore more about their own culture.

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