Finland is a Republic

Finland is a republic with a representative democracy governed accordingly to the principles of parliamentary. Legislative power is vested in the Parliament of Finland, which is led by the Prime Minister, the Head of Government.

The President of the Republic of Finland is the nation's head of state. Under the Finnish constitution, executive power is vested in the president and the government, with the president possessing only residual powers.

The president is elected directly by the people of Finland for a term of six years. Since 1991, no president may be elected for more than two consecutive terms.  The current President in Finland is Mr.  Sauli Niinistö.

As the Head of Government is the Prime Minister, currently Juha Sipilä, who has held the office since 29 May 2015. The Prime Minister designate is subject to election by the Parliament and, if elected, he or she —along with all the other ministers upon the nomination of the Prime Minister— are appointed by the President of Finland.