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If you come here, you'll understand why. Dramatic and diverse, Norway's nature ranges from serene forest-covered hills in the southeast and spectacular fjords and glaciers in the west to Arctic wilderness in the north.

Looking at the map, you’ll find Norway on the northern outskirts of Europe. Norway’s climate varies greatly by region and season and is surprisingly mild overall. The entire coastline is warmed by the Gulf Stream, providing most of southern Norway with a temperate climate with dry and cold winters and comfortably warm summers.

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The varied and scenic coastline stretches more than 25,000km, with the fjords as perhaps the most striking feature. They are steep, long valleys filled with water, formed by ancient, slow-moving glaciers that carved their way through the rock as they moved towards the sea. You can’t come to Norway without visiting the fjords and seeing the coastline's wonders.

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Discover the Midnight Sun

North of the Arctic Circle, the sun never sets in the summer. The further north, the longer the midnight sun season.  The light suggests early evening in the high north, with warm, golden tones over the sea. Further south, where the sun is just above the horizon at midnight, more reddish tones appear.


Where to see the Northern lights

On occasion, the night sky over northern Norway explodes into a light show of green, white, pink, blue and violet. The unearthly beauty of the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) mesmerises all who stay or travel in Polar Regions. The Northern Lights belt stretches from Lofoten to the North Cape along the northern coast.

The Northern Lights are more commonly seen here than anywhere else in the world, and one of your best chances of experiencing the Northern Lights is on a Hurtigruten voyage in the winter season.

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