Get inspiration to a family holiday in Sweden

Get inspiration to a family holiday in Sweden

Stefan Karlberg - Liseberg Media Bank

Stefan Karlberg - Liseberg Media Bank

Family & fun self drive tour

This tour gives you and your family the possibility to explore Sweden and visit some of the beloved child-friendly and fun places in between Malmö and Stockholm.

Starts in: Malmö
Ends in: Stockholm

Go to Malmö and rent a car

You can fly to Malmö, rent a car there or drive in your own car and then fly out of Stockholm.

DAY 1 – Stay at a 100% ecological farm

The Ängavallen hotel is an attraction in its own right. When staying at this ecological farm, the whole family is invited to learn about green and sustainable farming. If you are lucky, you might even see the birth of a lamb, which happens every so often throughout the year here!

Stay at: Hotel Ängavallen

Driving time from Malmö Airport is 20 min

DAY 2 - Family day of fun and games

Spend the day at Tosselilla Amusement Park, where you can find an exhilarating water park, merry-go-rounds, a petting zoo and loads of other fun activities. Skånes Djurpark is a popular zoo that teaches visitors everything there is to know about Nordic animals. At Ingelbo Moose Park, you can order a picnic basket, get to know the King of the Forest and have fun at the forest playground.

Stay at: Idala Gård

Driving time from the previous night’s hotel is 0-1 hour

DAY 3 - Enjoy a classic summer destination

Drive across the over 6-kilometre-long bridge to the island of Öland – where many Swedes spend their holidays – including the Royal Family! Visit the Öland Animal and Amusement Park, or rent bikes and discover the flat island from the saddle. The child-friendly beaches are ideal for a day on the beach if the weather allows.

Stay at: Halltorps Gästgiveri, Möckelsnäs Herrgård

Driving time from the previous night’s hotel: 1.5-3 hours

DAY 4 - Astrid Lindgren’s World

Drive north towards Astrid Lindgren’s World – a true paradise for children of all ages, where they get to meet all their favorite characters from the beloved children’s books: Pippi Longstocking, Emil of Lönneberga, Madicken, Karlsson on the Roof and more…

Stay at: Wallby Säteri

Driving time from the previous night’s hotel: 3-4 hours

DAY 5 – Kolmården – the adventure starts here!

Meet 750 wildlife attractions from all the jungles, savannahs and oceans of the world… all in one place! Scandinavia’s largest wildlife park is packed with exciting experiences for all ages. You can take a trip in a cable car where you get really close to the animals without disturbing them.

Stay at: Mauritzbergs Slott

Driving time from the previous night’s hotel: 0 hours

DAY 6 & 7 – Stockholm – a smorgasbord for children

On the drive north to Stockholm, make a stop along the way at Tom Tits Experiments - 16,000 square metres of experiences that engage, challenge and inspire - so prepare to be amazed! Once in Stockholm, there is a wide range of activities for children including the Gröna Lund Amusement Park, Junibacken with characters from Astrid Lindgren’s storybook world, the Skansen open-air museum, where Swedes take their own children to learn about Swedish culture, customs, and animals. And much more.

Stay at: Villa Källhagen

Driving time from the previous night’s hotel: 2-3 hours

Provided by Countryside Hotels

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