Waterfalls in Norway

Norway is the perfect place to visit if you enjoy to watching beautiful waterfalls

Related to the Norwegian nature with a lot of mountains, glaciers, fjords and high volume of rain, Norway has all the conditions to be an ideal place for waterfalls, and matter a fact Norway is the country in Europe with most waterfalls.

Where to find the waterfalls

The most famous beautiful waterfalls is located in the southern provinces Hordaland, Sogn - Fjordane - Møre and Romsdal. Here you can find a lot of impressive high amazing waterfalls in the most beautiful surroundings. Nearby Kinsarvik you can find at least 15 out of Norway`s 30 most beautiful waterfalls.

If you look at the most famous waterfalls visited by tourists, it is definitely Vøringfossen and The Seven Sisters in Geirangerfjorden. They are visited by over half a million people every year.

Another popular and famous route to discover the waterfalls - the road 13 in Hordaland. Driving along this road you can discover some of Norway`s most beautiful waterfalls on the same trip.