What to See and Do in Fjord Norway

Whether you are starting from the north or south in Western Norway, you will have the opportunity to experience some unique natural attractions in Fjord Norway. You can not visit the Norwegian Fjords without encountering the many spectacular attractions here.

Many Norwegians and tourists travel to the Norwegian fjords in the West of Norway to experience the beautiful views, memorable stays, eventful boat tours, waterfalls and wildlife rides, UNESCO sites, world-famous hiking trips.

Here you find some of the absolute highlights in and around the Norwegian Fjords and Western Norway. We recommend you visit Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock) or Trolltunga (the Troll`s Tongue).


Visit famous UNESCO Heritage Sites

If you are interested in UNESCO World Heritage Sites you have to explore Geirangerfjorden and Nærøyfjorden as examples of what a fjord actually are.

Also, the main city in Fjord Norway ´Bergen´ is on the UNESCO Heritage list, where the famous composer Edward Grieg had his home, which also is possible to visit.


If you drive

You can also drive a road trip along the fjords as they have an excellent road system in Fjord Norway. Here we recommend Trollstigen,

If you wish to drive close to the sea, then we recommend the Atlantic Road gets. You can reach both from Molde or Ålsesund.