Me|Mu Restaurant

Restaurant Me|Mu is the first and only Michelin Restaurant in Vejle

In the centre of Vejle,  you will find this Michelin restaurant in a relaxed and intimate setting. In February 2018, the restaurant got its first Michelin star, and in the official Michelin guide, you can see this description of the restaurant:

This brightly decorated cellar on a pedestrianised shopping street provides a stylish backdrop for some sophisticated cooking. Well-judged, intensely flavoured dishes respect Danish tradition but have subtle modernity; choose 12 or 17 courses. Ingredients are top-notch, and the wine list is outstanding.


What do you get when visiting Me|Mu

The aim is to give the visitors a memorable dining experience, and the menu gives you the chance to try many small servings prepared by the experienced Chef and owner, Michael, who has a keen eye for detail, taste and aesthetics. 


Restaurant MeMu
Torvegade 9D
7100 Vejle
Vejle, South Jutland

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 55.708899
  • Longitude: 9.532868