Discover family fun Oslo

Discover family fun Oslo



Oslo for kids

No one ever gets bored on a family holiday in Oslo.

There is an abundance of children’s attractions and museums with activities and exhibits, especially for children. Because of the relatively small distances, it is easy to move around in Oslo area with kids.

Public transportation system takes you everywhere, you want to go.

Summer in Oslo

Because of the short distance in Oslo, you can discover and spoil your kids a lot in one day. 

Why not start a summer day on a tour boat in the beautiful Oslo fjord, use the afternoon in the Museum of Science & Technology and end up in Tusenfryd Amusement Park.

Oslo in the Winter

Whenever you visit Oslo in the summer or winter, the city has a lot to offer related to families? In the winter Oslo changes its face and looks like a winter sports destination.

Go skiing in Oslo Winter Park Ski and snowboard. Learn your children to skiing by lessons.  Frogner Ice Skating Rink offers excellent conditions for skating. 

Oslo offers a wide selection of shopping options. and you will find many brands in Norway at sensible prices.

Food and Restaurants

In Oslo, it is no problem to find family restaurants, and kids are welcome in all cafés and restaurants. Famous spots are Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen.

Green Oslo

Oslo is also a very green city. Take a boat on the archipelago to the island  Bygdøy, where some of the most interesting museums of Oslo are located together with a nice green residential area, beaches, a beach volleyball court and a beach restaurant at Huk.

A popular place is also Sognsvann Lake or Ingierstrand beach. Don`t forget hiking and biking options in Oslo`s surroundings are very popular and the options are huge.

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