Discover Norway`s highlights and stay at historical hotels

Discover Norway`s highlights and stay at historical hotels

Norway Highlight Tour

Get inspiration to what to see and do in a two weeks tour in Norway.

In a summer holiday to Norway, you have the opportunity to explore the beautiful Norwegian fjords and the capital within 14 days.

The getaway to the Norway fjords

You can fly to Bergen, the gateway to the Norway Fjords. Visit Bryggen Wharf (Unesco Heritage List) and the many other fascinating sights in Bergen. Try out some exciting activities like hiking, canoeing or biking in the captivating natural surroundings along the fjords.

We recommend the historic hotels in Bergen as accommodation.

Visit the Geiranger area

Do you want a more ultimate experience then fly to Ålesund and visit Geiranger where you can paddle amidst steep mountainsides and cascading waterfalls in the best-known fjord in the country. This area is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Where to stay:
We recommend Thon Hotel in Ålesund or the beautiful located Hotel Union Øye by the Geirangerfjord as accommodation. 

Visit the historic Trondheim

Another option, fly from Bergen to the old historic city Trondheim in Mid-Norway. A perfect destination for hiking and biking or maybe hire a kayak in Trondheim and paddle down the beautiful River Nidelven past Nidaros Cathedral and the colourful old wharf buildings.

Where to stay:
We recommend Bårdshaug Herregård just outside Trondheim as your accommodation.

Lofoten & the wildlife scenery

Use the flexibility with a Flypass ticket with a detour to Lofoten. Discover the breath-taking scenery. Here you can enjoy the pure, clean air, the silence and many activity offers. Recommended to paddle around islands and explore magnificent coastal scenes set against mountainous backdrops.

Where to stay:
We recommended you to stay at Svinøya Rorbuer in Svolvær.

Oslo - the final destination

End the trip in Oslo to summarise all the amazing experiences, spoil yourself with some good food, relaxation and shopping, before heading back.

Where to stay:

We recommend you to stay at the historic Lysebu Hotel on the top of Holmenkollen in Oslo.

Buy a 'explore Norway ticket'

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