Midnight Sun in Tromsø

Nearly nowhere else in the world, you will find a destination like Tromsø regarding spectacular light experiences as the Midnight Sun and the Northern lights.

In winter you can discover the Northern Lights in Tromsø, the 'Capital of the Northern Lights'. During the summer you have the opportunity to watch phenomena of the Midnight Sun, because the sun never sets between 20 May and 22 July.
Between May and August, you can enjoy endless days because the sun barely dips below the horizon.

Midnight Sun activities and tours

In contrast to the winter scenery, Tromsø presents another face during the summer. The beautiful landscape and the 24 hours of daylight invite to experience all kinds of activities like fishing, canoeing, hiking or biking. It`s also very popular to go on a cruise with Hurtigruten or other of the many cruise companies.

The fjords are also a spectacular route to follow the Midnight Sun. You will find a wide selection of local boat companies offering tours during the summer. 

Hurtigruten is the most famous ferry route up here. The ferry sails along the beautiful Norwegian coastline between Bergen and Tromsø. Many tourists decide to take this tour every summer to discover the Midnight Sun scenarios from the sea.

Summer travellers from all around the world are heading to the famous spot North Cape, also known as the northern end of Europe to discover the unique Midnight Sun moments.

Tromsø is an obvious choice and a popular stopover destination before heading to North Cape.

Summer Offers

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