Helsinki is weel-known for a beautiful nature

Helsinki is weel-known for a beautiful nature

Jussi Hellsten-VIsitfinland

Jussi Hellsten-VIsitfinland

Green Helsinki

You will get the feeling of a very green capital close to the sea and surrounding nature.

One-third of the city consists of parks and other green areas, where you can admire different historical styles and values. You are never far from a park in Helsinki. The City of Helsinki is committed to promoting green values in all its operations, and green values are taken into consideration in all events and activities organised in the city.


Biking in Helsinki is a great way to see the sights and surrounding nature. Helsinki offers around 750 kilometres of well-maintained bike paths. In Helsinki, there are very good biking offers for renting.

Swimming & Saunas

The city of Helsinki offers beautiful beaches and archipelago perfect for enjoying outdoor recreation, swimming and nature walk. The most popular swimming beach is Hietaniemi Beach or “Hietsu” as it is known locally. In fact, you can take a dive in the largest swimming hall in Finland, the Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre or enjoy the atmosphere in the Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall having the feel of a Roman bath.

You have to be aware of the swimming halls are closed during the summer whereas outdoor swimming pools are open. By nearly all hotels in Helsinki they have their own saunas facilities, but check out for public saunas by the local tourist information.

Parks & Playgrounds

Helsinki is a very child-friendly green city and covered with beautiful parks and well-equipped public playgrounds. These are great places to take your children, and perhaps get to know local Finnish children. What about a trip to Gardenia Tropical Park offering flora from around the world?

Sightseeing in the Archipelago  in Helsinki

There is always a maritime atmosphere related to visiting Helsinki. The city`s shoreline is adorned by around 100 kilometres of coast and over 300 islands of which many are accessible for recreational use.

In the summer the sightseeing and adventure offers are endless, and favourite trips are sightseeing tours with the Royal Line company to Porvoo or the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, which is a must-see for cultural and nature lovers. If you are looking out for paddling by a canoe or kayak it is easy to realise here.

Winter activities in Helsinki

In the winter Helsinki offers a lot of activities. Skiing and skating are very popular and you don`t have any problems related offers, they are huge. Try out Rautatientori Icepark or cross-country skiing for instance in Central Park (Keskuspuisto), where the trails are maintained well during the winter.


Public Transportation

The capital of Finland is known for its effective and eco-friendly transportation system. This is a tour to enjoy the highlights of the city while navigating on its green tracks on trams, subway and trains.


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