Visit Billund in Denmark

If you visit Billund, you will also see the 'Capital of Children' because here you find the headquarters of LEGO, 'Legoland' and the 'Lego House', which just opened in September 2017.

Billund, near Vejle, is one of the most visited family holiday destinations in Denmark and the Nordic region and has now got the name 'Capital of Children'.

The Billund region offers all kinds of excitement, and here you find the first and the original Legoland and the Lego House, where you can discover all about Lego and its history.

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Billund for kids

Discover all about the Lego bricks and the story behind them by visiting the new LEGO House and spending a day or two in Legoland Amusement Park with all its adventures. 

If you want a break from the Lego excitements, the Givskud Zoo or the Lalandia Aquadome are other great family experiences and attractions in Billund.

Especially during the summer, the nature throughout the Billund region is beautiful and invite you to all kind of activities like biking, hiking, fishing or canoeing.

For culture lovers, the nearby Jelling Monuments are very recommendable. Learn about Denmark's fascinating history and how the Vikings lived. The Sculpture Park in Billund playfully presents interesting local art creations, making it exciting for the whole family.


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Accommodations and restaurants in Billund

In and around Billund, they offer a wide selection of kid-friendly restaurants, accommodations like Hotel Legoland or Lalandia, and more affordable hostels and campsites.


Transport to Billund

Billund Airport, Denmark's second-largest international airport, offers excellent transport options worldwide. Do you plan a self-drive tour around Denmark, Billund is reachable from Odense within 1,5 hours and Copenhagen about 3 hours.

You will find excellent public transport connections to larger nearby cities like Vejle or Kolding, which are connectable to the rest of Denmark by bus and train.