Cycling in Denmark

Denmark is a perfect bike country with more than 12,000km of bike routes and one of the best countries in the world to have a biking trip and discover Denmark.

Denmark is quite flat, and there are short distances between the attractions and cities. It`s very easy and safe to bike here because Denmark has many bike lanes and great bike infrastructure. If you like an active holiday, Denmark is just the right place to visit. 

It`s also easy to have a short break and take the train to the next destination because you very easily can bring your bike into trains.

National cycle routes

In Denmark, you find 12 national cycle routes covering more than 4,000km. The route numbers 1 to 9 run South to North in Denmark and 2 to 8 run East to West.

If you download the app 'BIKE & STAY DK' you get a guide and route maps to recommended experiences and attractions, natural wonders and campsites close by along the 26 Panorama cycle routes through Denmark. 

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