Discover South Jutland`s  kids attractions with a 'Be Happy Pass'

More Fun with a 'Be Happy Pass'

With a 'Happy Pass' your holiday in Southern Denmark get an extra dimension.

If you stay at one of the hotels in the Billund area, we recommend you to ask for a free "Be Happy Pass" at the hotel reception.

Benefits of a "Be Happy Pass"

A 'Be Happy Pass' may entitle you to discounts and/or a free gift. You just have to show your "Be Happy Pass" at the attraction/activity or use the code on your 'Be Happy Pass' when booking online.

How to get the card

You can obtain the card either via the booking confirmation or collect it upon arrival. With a 'Be Happy Pass', you will reach out to a wide selection of attractions, activities, and natural sights for a lower price within an hour.

Always bring your card along - also when you have booked online. Show your card if it`s necessary.


Top attractions in Billund are the original Legoland from 1968 and the Lego House from 2017.