Umeå offers all kinds of adventures related to the beautiful nature which surrounds the city. The locals love and appreciate the impressive nature including the coastline just nearby.

Because of the nature beauty, Umeå companies offers all kind of activities and adventures decided out from the seasons. To be mentioned, snowmobiling, dogsledding or in the summer, kayaking, fishing or elk safari.

Young Umeå

The people living in Umeå are surprisingly young. The average age in Umeå is 38, and this is reflected in the townscape with its pubs, restaurants, cafés, discos and shops.

The Sami traditions

The Umeå community is very proud of the Sami population here. The Sami are Sweden's and in principle Europe's, only indigenous people. The Sami tradition and culture is a natural part of Umeå's diversity and the city's history. Umeå will be the first Capital of Culture in Europe to spotlight an indigenous people.   

Umeå is also famous for events and festivals like international jazz, folk music and rock festivals.

Getting here

You will find excellent flight connections from Stockholm to Umeå nearly every day. 

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 63.825847
  • Longitude: 20.263035