Tivedens Nationalpark

Tivedens Nationalpark

Göran Assner

Göran Assner

Tiveden Nationalpark

Visit Tiveden National Park and explore some of the most impressive nature in Sweden.

Adventure awaits you here. Enchanting natural beauty is characterised by huge rocks, deep moss-covered valleys and steep mountain ridges with rock outcrops. Largely pathless and inaccessible but also endlessly inviting. 

Characteristic Swedish nature beauty

Clear lakes and breathtaking views surround the trails that have been used since ancient times. Hike, bike or ride your own path, weaving around the many lakes, landmarks and hideaways.

Tiveden National Park is one of Sweden's most beautiful. The National Park is easily reached from the national road between Karlsborg and Askersund. 

Beautiful hiking trails

A minor road, Tivedsleden, runs through the area and passes Stone Source mountains, where there are parking and an exhibition.  A Cot is next Vitsand at Lake Trehörningen. There are 25 kilometres of hiking trails in the National Park, passing the most interesting sights.


Trollhättan, West Sweden

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  • Lattitude: 58.719061
  • Longitude: 14.595820