The Hanseatic Museum

The Hanseatic Museum is a beautiful old building on Bryggen in Bergen.

The museum represents and tells about the German merchants from The Hanseatic League who worked and lived here from the 1350 century to 1750.

They were merchants who had a prominent place in Bergen`s history. Their mission was to trade with stockfish and grains from their office in Bergen.

From 1872, this museum had two trading houses facing the sea and one in the back of the tenement. When you walk through this building on Bryggen, you can also note that it has kept its original interior.

Schøtstuene next to St. Mary´s Church

Just nearby on the other side of Bryggen, you will discover the Schøtstuene next to St. Mary’s Church. These rooms were assembly halls for the Hanseatic merchants and used for preparing hot meals in the winter. They were placed here separately behind the office buildings related to the fire risks.

There are three assembly rooms and a kitchen in this museum. The buildings were also used for teaching and as courtrooms, meeting rooms and party rooms.

The entrance ticket is valid for both the Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene.

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The Hanseatic Museum
Finnegården 1A
5003 Bergen
Bergen, Fjord Norway

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  • Longitude: 5.325929