The Big Five of Greenland- Whale watching Northern lights Dog Sledding Ice Sheet A Portrait

The Big Five of Greenland

In Greenland you will find the same expressions you maybe have heard from other countries branding their country side in the world-the big five. The only different is related to Greenland it is the “Big Arctiv Five”.

There are five experiences not to be missed whether you visit Greenland during the summer or winter months. The authentic dog sled rides through the amazing arctic landscape.  Number two,  the uplifting magic of the Northern Lights. Number three, the splendour of the ice sheet. Number four is the Greenland's fascinating whales. On top of it the people of Greenland: pioneers; simultaneously ancient and modern. They look forward to welcoming you.


Nuuk, Capital Region

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  • Lattitude: 64.181410
  • Longitude: -51.694138