The Bergen Aquarium has more than 50 different aquariums

The Bergen Aquarium has more than 50 different aquariums

Sverre Hjørnevik/

Sverre Hjørnevik/

The Bergen Aquarium

Meet the sea lions, crocodiles, fish and the fascinating snakes in more than 50 large and small aquariums.

Bergen Aquarium has one of the most extensive collections of marine fauna in Europe.

In more than 60 large and small aquariums you can watch in fascination all the weird and wonderful things that go on beneath the surface at close quarters, and watch seals and penguins playing in pools.

Impressive collections of animals

In addition to getting to know the cod and all the other creatures that live along the Norwegian coast, you can meet animals like crocodiles, snakes, lizards and marmosets in their tropical section.

One million litres of clean seawater are pumped up in aquariums, and the Aquarium has one of Europe`s largest collections of fish and invertebrates. There are nine large and 42 smaller aquariums and three outdoor pools with penguins, seals and carps.

You can also experience the great atmosphere created by the young and old citizens of Bergen who keep coming back to say hello to the animals - and to meet each other. Since 1960, the aquarium has formed a vibrant part of our local identity.

Getting to the Aquarium

The Aquarium is located with a delightful view of the port of Bergen and in walking distance from the Bergen Fish Market.  


Nordnesbakken 4
5005 Bergen
Bergen, Fjord Norway
+47 55557171

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