Welcome to Tampere

Welcome to Tampere




When visiting Tampere you still gets the feeling of being in a smaller city, although it has grown big by Finnish standards.

Tampere city has around 200,000 inhabitants. The centre is compact, but the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. Tampere region is known for being the starting point for the Finnish industrialism. The well-known brand Nokia is from here.

Cultural traditions & events

The city displays, in addition, a large and broad cultural range, which throughout the season invite to all kinds of events and festivals.

Nature beauty

Tampere is surrounded by a beautiful nature, which makes it possible to have agriculture producing a lot of interesting and tasty products.

Enjoy the good food

In Tampere, you can visit a market or try one of the nice restaurants. It is a good opportunity to discover and taste the local delicacies. Among other things, the local "black sausage" is very famous.


Tampere, Lakeland

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  • Lattitude: 61.498151
  • Longitude: 23.761025