Skokloster Castle

Skokloster Castle is a unique proof about the period, when Sweden was one of the most powerful countries in Europe.

Skokloster Castle, built in the baroque style between 1654 and 1676, is one of the mayor monuments from the historic period when Sweden was one of the most powerful countries in Europe. The park has something to offer in every season and is always open to the public.

The owner of Skokloster Castle, General Carl Gustaf Wrangel died in 1676, the castle was never really completed. This is a fact that you can see by yourself. Banqueting hall, which remains in the exact same condition, tools included, as the builders left it the day Wrangel died. The builders stopped working because they were afraid they, that they would never get paid!.

In the rest of the castle you also will find remained amazingly untouched for more than 300 years, giving this building a unique authenticity. Margareta Juliana, Wrangel's eldest daughter, married Nils Brahe a member of Sweden’s most exalted countly families.

On her initiative, Skokloster Castle was in 1701 given a certain form of ownership, thanks to which we still have in our possession the castles original furnishings and the objects added through the centuries by inheritance, purchase and gift. The castle's detailed chambers are home to remarkable collections of paintings as well as furniture, textiles and silver and glass tableware.

The Skokloster church, right next to Skokloster Castle, is Sweden’s second oldest brick church and was built in the 13th century for Cistercian nuns is also recommended.

Skokloster Castle is situated on a peninsula in Lake Mälaren between Stockholm, Uppsala and Enköping, near Sigtuna and Arlanda.


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