Sarek National Park

Sarek National Park gives visitors an opportunity to set foot on virgin land and learn more about Sweden.

This park shows us, that the boundaries are different in people's consciousness. The area bears the stamp of the inland ice sheet, and a hike through Sarek is a trip through Sweden’s geological history.

The National Park is home to 100 glaciers, and six of Sweden’s 13 highest peaks. It is 2000 square kilometres of majestic untouched wilderness including breath-taking peaks, valleys and fast-running mountain rivers.

The Sami People

Sarek National Park is a high alpine area where the Sami people have lived from time immemorial. The valleys and the mountain slopes are grazing land for three Sami communal groups engaged in reindeer husbandry: the Sirges, Jåhkågaska Tjiellde and Tuorpon.

Hiking possibilities in Sarek National Park

You must be an experienced hiker and be adventurous to take Sarek to wander on their own. Remember that there are no marked trails or facilities of any kind. Always bring a compass, map, toilet paper and lots of adventure. And of course, a tent and mosquito nets.

It is just the place for those who want to go out and test themselves, and that is exactly why Sarek so amazing. Here you do not worry about the risk of bumping into anyone else. Perhaps encounter into a wild animal. But probably you will meet none whatsoever!

You will find Kungsleden in the eastern part of the park. You can also hike from Kvikkjokk in the south along the Tarra Valley, or from Saltoluokta, which is a mountain station with a highly recommended restaurant. From Ritsem, which lies north of Akkajaure, you can take the boat to the north of Sarek.

Getting here & guided Tours

Sarek is one of Sweden’s most inaccessible national parks for anyone who cannot hike or ski in on their own. There are no roads leading up to the national park.

It is absolutely recommendable to book a guided tour here by one of the local tour operators.


Sarek National Park
Northern Sweden

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 67.283333
  • Longitude: 17.700000