Welcome to Rovaniemi, the most famous destination in Finnish Lapland, and it is known as the "official" hometown of Santa Claus.

It is the biggest city in the Northern part of Finland, also known as Finnish Lapland, with a population of around 60.000 inhabitants. The seasonal Northern Lights are a big thing here, and Rovaniemi has many perfect spots to explore the phenomenon.


Visit the Santa Claus Village

It is a popular destination for visitors worldwide who want to experience the magic of Christmas and meet Santa Claus in person. In Rovaniemi, you can visit Santa Claus Village, a Christmas-themed attraction that includes Santa's office, where you can meet Santa and have your photo taken with him, as well as a post office where you can send letters to Santa and a gift shop.

Additionally, Rovaniemi is home to many other Christmas-themed attractions, such as reindeer and husky sledging, snowmobile safaris, and visits to Santa's secret forest.

Sami Culture

In the Arktikum Museum, they present and provide interesting information on Arctic issues and tell stories about Lapland. In the Arktikum exhibition, you will find an information package on what's happening today in the evolving Arctic region. The Arktikum museum is a 10-minute walk from the centre.

Adventures in Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi offers seasonal activities and adventures, from snowmobiling, snowshoe trips, ice fishing, husky tours, canoeing, fishing, etc….

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Where to eat

It's a unique experience to taste Lappish food. Try out the delicious tastes both in fine dining restaurants and by a campfire out in the wilderness. For culinary excursions into the local world of flavours, try the seasonal Lappi á la carte and Rovaniemi menus in the various restaurants around town.

Stay in an Arctic hotel

Ice sculpture designers construct an Arctic Snow Hotel annually from November until March. This spectacular accommodation attracts many tourists from all over the world.

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Transport to Rovaniemi

It is easy to find excellent flight connections from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, so within a short time, you can be in the nature element, where you will forget about the busy life, annoying noise and agreements.

Unforgettable memories from Rovaniemi are nearly a guarantee.

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Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 66.497022
  • Longitude: 25.724999