Rondane National Tourist Route

Rondane National Tourist Route

Asgeir Helgestad-Artic Light

Asgeir Helgestad-Artic Light

Rondane National Tourist Route

The area is part of the southern most wilderness in the Nordic countries.

You will find Rondane National Tourist Route is a 75-kilometre-long stretch of road located running from Muen and Sollia Church to Folldal in the county of Hedmark.

The blue mountains of Rondane lie as a backdrop to Rondane National Tourist Route. Rondane National Park was established in 1962 as Norway's first National Park. Here, the characteristic traces of the ice age are clear.

The area has a rich cultural history. The old buildings at Folldal mines, dating from the mid-18th century, show the life and the class distinctions of the former mining community.

Amazing views

Along the route, you will find some amazing and interesting stopping points. In fact, Sohlbergplassen offers magnificent views of Lake Atnsjøen and the mountains of Rondane. From here you can see Rondane as the painter Harald Sohlberg portrayed it in "Winter Night in the Mountains".

Another one is Strømbu that not only is a rest area and stopping point, but also the main starting point for hikes through the Rondane Mountains from the east.

Because of the landscape and beautiful fauna, the area is a permanent residence for many animals. It has Norway's last stock of wild reindeer. Deer, roe deer and elk are commonplace along the rims of the park. Wolverines, fox, marten, mink, hare, lynx and a small population of bears are also present.

Tremendous activity offers

In the Rondane area, you will find all kind of adventure offers like hiking, horse-riding, biking, etc….


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  • Lattitude: 61.931516
  • Longitude: 9.788881