Porvoo Porvoo

Old Historic Porvoo

Porvoo is 800 years old, and the second oldest city in Finland.

Because of its location at the Porvoo River near the Gulf of Finland, the city was an important trading center for centuries. A visit to the city is like a great museum visit.

Porvoo is only 50 km from Helsinki, and each summer offers tourists to take a detour by steamship to this unique historic town with its characteristic red shore houses in the cobblestone streets. The houses were formerly used as a warehouse for goods and delicatessen. If you take a walk through the historic streets you get a great impression about how things was back in the time.

The very old Porvoo has about 700 inhabitants, and the town hall is located in the center, where among can buy things at the market. You can also select and visit some of the charming cafes, shops or restaurants.

A detour by steamship to Porvoo is like a pleasant break from Helsinki.



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  • Lattitude: 60.393192
  • Longitude: 25.665274