Polarship Fram Museum

Fram is the strongest wooden ship ever built and still holds the records for sailing farthest north and farthest south.

It is designed by wellknown shipbuilder Colin Archer . The ship was built to withstand the crush of polar ice.

The famous Polar explorers

Fridjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen spent the most of their life trapped in the polar ice.

The dramatic North Pole expeditions

From 1893 to 1896 the Nansen North Pole expedition took the ship to the Russian New Siberian Islands within few degrees of the North Pole. 

In 1910 Roald Amundsen set sail to be the first to reach the North Pole, but he reconsidered and turned  around. He succeeded in becoming the first to reach the South Pole.

At the Fram Museum you can come on board the ship and see how the crew and their dogs managed to survive in the coldest and most dangerous places on earth - the Arctic and the Antarctic.

The Fram Museum also has a polar simulator where you can experience both the cold and the dangers of polar expeditions over a hundred years ago.

The museum's Gjøa building has exhibitions on the Arctic and the Northwest Passage.

The exhibition is translated into ten languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Norwegian. A museum shop with exclusive polar merchandise.

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