This is a set of Swedish selvage jeans, sewn in the last denim shop in San Francisco. The fabric is made from 100% organic cotton by Cone Denim at the White Oak Mill in Greensboro, North Carolina.
During a visit to Los Angeles in 2014, Maria Erixon met with one of the leading denim fabric manufacturers in the world, Cone Denim. Their history and knowledge of making denim dates back to 1891, and since 1905 they have been producing high quality denim fabrics at the White Oak Mill in Greensboro, North Carolina.

OUR HISTORY only dates back to 2001, but during these years we've made some impact on the denim industry. We love jeans and all things denim; one of the most American products around. Our goal is to produce classic five-pocket jeans and stay true to the tradition, because that's what inspired us to start the brand. We never intended to make the product itself better, as it's already perfect, but with our Swedish stubbornness, we have walked our own path, striving towards making our product more sustainable, and since 2012 we use only 100% organic cotton throughout our whole denim range.

WE HAVE USED CONE DENIM fabrics before, but this is the first time we cooperate entirely on a project. Cone Denim lend us their extensive knowledge and skills, and we give them a chance to produce an all organic and sustainable denim fabric. There's a deep and mutual respect between both companies, and we are honored to work so closely with Cone Denim and proud to present this Swedish, all American set of jeans.



Vimmerby, South Sweden