Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

The Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Oslo is a prestigious annual event held on December 10th each year, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death.

The ceremony takes place in Oslo City Hall, where the Norwegian Nobel Committee presents the Nobel Peace Prize to the laureate(s) who have made significant contributions to promoting peace and resolving conflicts.

The Nobel Peace Prize is known worldwide, and the event is a ceremony, a torchlight parade and a concert in honour of the laureates.

The ceremony is held at Oslo City Hall, an iconic building located in the city centre of Oslo in  Norway. The venue has a grand hall known for its impressive mural decorations and serves as an important symbol of Norwegian democracy and culture.

The event is attended by members of the Norwegian Royal Family,  government officials, diplomats, representatives from the international community, and other dignitaries. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate(s) and their guests are also present.

The ceremony typically includes speeches by the Chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee and the Nobel Peace Prize laureate(s). The speeches often focus on the laureate's work and achievements in promoting peace and resolving conflicts.

Following the ceremony, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate(s) are required to deliver a Nobel Lecture. The lecture provides an opportunity for the laureate(s) to further elaborate on their work and vision for peace.

Nobel Banquet

In the evening, a grand banquet is held in honour of the laureate(s) at the Grand Hotel in Oslo. Distinguished guests and dignitaries attend the banquet, and it serves as a celebratory occasion to acknowledge the laureate's remarkable contributions.

The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in the world, and the ceremony in Oslo is a significant event that draws attention to the laureate's exceptional efforts to promote peace and inspire positive change globally.

10 Dec 2018