Discover the local history in Narvik

Discover the local history in Narvik



Museum Nord Narvik

Museum North – Narvik is located in the most amazing scenery in the southern part of Narvik.

Actually, the beautiful building from 1902 was used as administration office for the district of the Norwegian Railway Company. Now it is home for the history of Narvik.


The exhibition shows the local history

Down through the exhibitions, you will be excited by the many different historical aspects from Narvik. Stories about the famous iron ores here, the building of the vital Ofotbanen Railway and navies who built it up. Insights about the Swedish mining company LKAB and the harbour of Narvik are other highlights to be mentioned.

The Museum has made a great effort to illustrate everyday life in Narvik through the exhibitions. Off course the population has increased here, but also the architecture and buildings changed a lot since the bombing of the town during the Second World War.
Complete your historical journey in Narvik by an exciting visit to the museum Nord.


Administrasjonsveien 3
8514 Narvik
Northern Norway
+0047 76 96 96 15

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  • Lattitude: 68.431630
  • Longitude: 17.425300