Kosterhavet Marine National Park

Visit the one and only marine national park in Sweden.

We recommend spending a couple of days exploring the delightful maritime city of Gothenburg with plenty of options for sightseeing. Take a train to Stromstad and hop on the ferry to the Koster Islands for maybe 2-3 nights - an enjoyable summer break indeed.

The summer highlights

Visit from May to September, enjoying the colourful spring blooms, bright summer flowers and Midsummer festivals through to the autumn when it's all about the lobster parties and shellfish safaris that end with a delicious feast.

You will find the stunning Koster Islands in the centre of the Kosterhavet Marine National Park off the west coast of Sweden.

Getting here

It is easy to get to the various parts of Kosterhavet National Park. Take the train along the Bohusbanan line or follow E6 north towards Strömstad.

If you are coming from the north, follow E6 towards Strömstad. Kosterbåtarna/the Koster Boats depart year-round from Strömstad. The trip takes about 45 minutes. 

On the route, you pass through beautiful archipelago areas and cross the Koster fjord's deep trench. Resö, Rossö, Tjärnö and Saltö also afford excellent views of Kosterhavet, and there are road connections to them.

At Västtrafik, you can find the information yourself on connections and timetables to the Koster islands, Resö, Rossö, Strömstad, Tjärnö/Saltö and other places, or you can visit the Strömstad information centre.

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Koster Islands
Gothenburg, West Sweden

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  • Lattitude: 58.895784
  • Longitude: 11.008638