Kemi Snow Castle

Kemi Snow Castle

Timo Laapotti/Kemi Tourism Ltd.

Timo Laapotti/Kemi Tourism Ltd.

Kemi Snow Castle

You have to stand up early to compete with this fairy tale Snow Castle adventure.

This attraction-The SnowCastle of Kemi-by the Gulf of Bothnia in Finland is the source of great pride as well as a true showcase of architectonic snow-work of the local constructors.

Rebuilt every year

Each year the SnowCastle is completely rebuilt with a different theme during the winter only lasting from January to April. The construction starts in December and takes about five weeks to build with over 50 people building the snow castle. You will find great light effects will add a charm of the snow- and ice-sculpting as well as to the structures about the SnowCastle. 

Amazing adventures

Outside of the SnowCastle, they have exciting adventures for the whole family like snowmobiling tours, arctic dogsledding adventures or the seasonally Northern Light hunting tours. Even a tour with the Icebreaker ship Sampo is possible here.

The SnowRestaurant is unique and as you can imagine, the restaurant is located inside threw the snow castle. The tables are made completely out of ice but the top layer is plexiglass to make it easier to serve food and in case someone spills on the ice.

The SnowChapel for romantic weddings

The Snowcastle including also a beautiful unique romantic SnowChapel for marriage. Let`s hope the vows last longer than the ice rings.

Very much recommended to book a stay at the SnowCastle in Kemi as soon as possible, it`s very popular...


The SnowRestaurant, SnowChapel and SnowHotel are all situated in the SnowCastle area in Kemi Inner harbour, only 1 km from the city centre.

Every winter - the year 2017 for the 22nd time -the SnowCastle offers wonderful experiences for both children and adults alike. The SnowCastle is open daily at 10-18.


Kauppakatu 29
94100 Kemi
Kemi, Lapland
+.+358 16 258 878

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  • Lattitude: 65.735190
  • Longitude: 24.561130