Jean Sibelius


Jean Sibelius was born on a cold winter’s day, with -17 degrees Celsius outside, on December 8, 1865. He was born in a quaint and small wooden house, built in 1834, near the old church and the main market square. It is now a museum and a place of pilgrimage for Sibelius’ fans. You will find his hometown in the city of Hämeenlinna, about 98 kilometres northwest of Helsinki. Here Sibelius went to school, explored the forests, spent hours fishing in the lake, and skiing in winter.
Perhaps there never has been a composer, who has so vividly been able to capture the nature, history and myths of his own people in his notes. Jean Sibelius was very inspired from the landscape, the forest and lakes, in the creation of his music. His hometown Hämeenlinna, the Vanaja Lake and Aulanko Park, and the gardens and the Kielomäki forest at Ainola enable the visitor to understand the link between nature and Sibelius’ music. Did you know more of Sibelius music pieces was named from nature elements like Birch, Spruce and Water drops.  In addition, Sibelius’ music had a very significant role in the independence process of Finland.
One of the most visited attraction in Helsinki is “The Sibelius Monument”. It is located in the Sibelius Park, in the district of Töölö, just a stone throw away from the sea. The abstract – and at the time controversial – monument was unveiled in 1967. The aim of this majestic piece is to capture the essence of Sibelius’ music – many would agree that it lives to expectations.